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tv   [untitled]    August 4, 2011 10:30pm-11:00pm PDT

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house, call? this resolution is adopted. >> item 22 -- resolution approving the exchange of a portion of city property located near the intersection of folsom street and essex street. president chiu: same house, call? this resolution is adopted. >> item 23 reason resolution approving the report the amendment to the agreement with serco, in support of the sfspark pilot project. president chiu: colleagues, same house, call? this resolution is adopted. >> item 24 -- resolution authorizing the execution and performance of an option to purchase approximately 3300 sq. ft. industrial building and land at 1 newhall street. president chiu: colleagues, house, call? this resolution is adopted. >> item 25 -- resolution
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authorizing the san francisco municipal transportation agency to amend an expenditure contract with cyprus security to continue security services for an additional three years. president chiu: same house, called? this resolution is adopted. >> item 26, resolution approving an amendment to the contract between the treasure island development authority and amec. president chiu: same house, called? this resolution is adopted. >> item 27 -- resolution expressing the non-binding intent of the city and county of san francisco to comply with part 1.9 of the california health and safety code. president chiu: can i recognize an amendment to item 27? supervisor cohen? o, supervisor kim.
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supervisor kim: yes, we do have an amendment to item 27. we would like to add in the law clauses. while we in treasure island have been processing the proposal, we would like to use the redevelopment as a potential tool, as was originally intended. president chiu: you circulated them? supervisor kim: i did circulate them. president chiu: supervisor kim has made a motion to amend. is there second? seconded by supervisor elsbernd. colleagues, can we take same house, call? without objection, that is the case. item 28. >> item 28, item -- resolution endorsing an updated
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electricity resource plan to provide a long-term vision of san francisco's electricity future. supervisor farrell: thank you, president chiu. i appreciate we will of the comptroller to an analysis of every underlying issue. if this will cost of tens of millions of dollars, and i think we need to take a very hard look at that. thank you. president chiu: colleagues, same house, call? this resolution is adopted. >> item 29, resolution declaring the intention of the board of supervisors to vacate a portion of the public right-of-way located on cayuga avenue and
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setting a hearing date september 6, 2011 at 3:00 p.m. in this legislative chamber. president chiu: colleagues, house, call? this resolution is adopted. >> item 30 -- resolution appointing the san francisco department of public health to the executive committee of san francisco community corrections partnership for the purpose of developing an implementation plan for criminal-justice realignment. president chiu: colleagues, same house, paul? this resolution is adopted. >> item 31 -- resolution designating an interim basis the san francisco adult probation department as a county agency responsible for post-release committee supervision. president chiu: same house, call? the resolution is adopted. >> item 32 -- or is amending the san francisco administrative code for time-limited paid
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administrative leave. president chiu: same house, called? the resolution is adopted. let's go to item 53, so we can hear items 34. -- list of item 33. >> item 33 is a motion directing the board of supervisors to hold a public hearing with the board sitting as a committee to consider adopting a resolution for the report of delinquent charges for code enforcement cases with delinquent assessments of costs and fees. president chiu: let me ask if there are any members of the public who would like to speak. code enforcement cases with delinquent assessments of cost. if you wish to speak -- this is to whether we should have the hearing. are there any members of the
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public? seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, can we approve this motion without objection? the motion is approved. now, we can call items 33 and 34? >> items 33 and 34 -- hearing of the board of supervisors for persons interested in or checking to propose resolution confirming reports of liquid -- delinquent charges for co enforcement cases and fees. president chiu: here is what we are going to do. we're going to hear from a member from the department of building inspection, and then we will hear from members of the public in support of or objecting to the resolution. >> good afternoon, members of the board. this is the 17th year i have come before you, asking for your support. in a previously transmitted to
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you a report of the charges stated july 8, two dozen 11. we've had two in house hearings. the department appreciates your support. is a useful tool. i would also like to thank angela cavilo and the support staff for their help. president chiu: now let's hear from many members of the public who wish to speak with regards to this report. if you could please step up to the microphone. each member of the public shall have up to two minutes. please stepped-up. -- step up. everyone who wishes to speak in support, please line up in the center aisle. and you can proceed. first speaker, please. actually, i need to use the
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other mike ripon. >> this is an objection. it is a violation regarding a request to replace 20 square feet of a foundation of a cottage his foundation is part of our application permit that has been issued and approved. that is something that we have discussed with dbi, and we have not gone anywhere so far. dbi has not since the 2007. we have spoken with an inspector.
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the entire foundation of the cottage which means to be report -- which needs to be replaced. we had -- to support that, we have a permit applications for the entire cottage. the cottage and the front property being attached, it is really our scope of work under that permits. that was our first concern. the second, and that was our argument, the fact that was validated by the city, but the inspector who came to our house. in 2007, they documented that the work to be performed for the cottage would be continued
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once the permit was going to be issued. that did not happen until 2009. we are waiting for funds to take care of the front of the house and the rear of the cottage. president chiu: thank you very much. i will ask all members of the public to have a conversation with a member of dbi in the hallway. hang tight. >> yes, i am our residence and i'm actually one of the owners. the foundation is a part of the permit process. we do have of permits for its. be violation should never have been assessed -- the violations should never have been assessed. we are asking that it be remedied today, taken away. thank you. president chiu: next speaker.
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>> thank you. my name is ethan. this is regarding 215 noey street. this goes back to 2003. the owners bought the apartment complex in 2000, and there was a complete by a neighbor in 2006. the owners got a permit. they wanted to see if they could replace the tenants in a different location. they were unable to do that. be permit lapsed. they got the permit reinstated at the end of 2006. dbi gave them more time to do an eviction.
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the tenet that the san francisco board of appeals -- tenant got the san francisco board of appeals to stay the permanent. since then, there has been no action. there has been no action by dbi. dbi issued a fine for non- compliance. our clients are between a rock and a hard place. the cannot fix the unit. the need to either get a permit and suspended or get other people into the property, and that is what we're looking for. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. in with the department of public health, here to speak with regards to the property, not help center one. we would like to resolve this
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matter with the department of building inspections. there has been some confusion between the department and the building construction managing group. thank you. president chiu: next speaker. >> good afternoon, supervisors. i am here representing an owner who is an elderly woman and not able to attend. this is in regards to all been placed on the building for landscaping work. ," spoken to some -- i've spoken to supervisors preliminarily. i would like to resolve this matter through supervisor elsbernd or supervisor mirkarimi:, -- supervisor mirkarimi if possible. there may have been impropriety in how the building was managed
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by the inspector on the site. there is an allegation of improper requests by the inspector, and i would like to resolve that with the department said they can clean up their own inside issues. in the meantime, i would only point out for specifics on this, the original complaint was in fact fraudulent. the initial inspection did not occur. this was before anyone determined whether the complaint had validity. when we attempted to get a permit just to vacate the issues, we then appeared to get caught in rigmarole inside the department. it seems like it should be something easily resolved. i have had outreach attends to the director, vivian day.
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i would ask you to at least put a pause on that one so i can have those conversations with the supervisors and the director. president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> again, i would like to add that we had an extension. the bill did not ring. president chiu: excuse me, sir. i think you spoke already, did you not? you will have an opportunity to speak to dbi, sir, but you cannot speak twice and public comment. thank you. are there any other members of the public who would like to speak on the item? >> on the item? >president chiu: yes, this is not general public comment. >> ♪ nobody can say it better
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do not settle for any at less no one can assess it half as good as you city hall, you are the best ♪ president chiu: next speaker. public hearing is now closed. ok. this hearing is now closed. what i would like to ask is for a representative from dbi, if you could proceed into the hallway, and members of the public who would like to speak around this specific issue, see if you can informally resolve these issues. you are free to do so. after such time, dbi will come back in and make recommendations to us. >> thank you, president chiu.
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president chiu: i understand it is 3:30 and we have a number of resolutions for today. why don't we start with supervisor chu? what do we move to supervisor mirkarimi? supervisor mirkarimi: thank you, mr. president. colleagues, i am welcoming home and outstanding san francisco educator who has made strides to cover the gap before under privilege stevens. -- students. peter left gateway to become the chief of staff of the california charter schools association.
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after retiring in 2009, he realized he had more to do. he has traveled overseas, traveling to rwanda to found a girls' academy boarding school in an area that suffered from the hostility between the hutus and the tutsis in the 1994 genocide. he developed a curriculum and programs that have resulted in great progress for the school population. due to his hard work, the academy opened with 90 girls. within three years, the school was fully enrolled. the mission of the academy is to prepare students for college while reducing impediments for young women to complete higher education. students are provided nutrition
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as meals, mental and emotional support, and an adequate learning environment. the services are there to help address the reality that currently only 13% of young rwandan women make it to secondary school, and the mission of the academy is to create long-term systemic change and opportunities for all children in developing communities to create lasting empowerment. he is here for two weeks visiting his wife and three children -- three children. he will return to rwanda, or he will stay until 2013. please join me in welcoming peter thorpe. [applause] feel free if you like to say anything.
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>> thank you, supervisor mirkarimi. as i look around at the room and see some many of you who have served on the board of education, i am happy to report that many of the lessons learned at the gateway high school have had leverage in rwanda. they are bringing to rwanda at some of the foundation principles in terms of social justice. particularly in rwanda were only 13% of girls continue into secondary school. it is also an economic issue, investing in young women. that is the smartest economic investment you can make in the development of this extraordinary country, which as you mentioned, at 17% of the population was slaughtered in less than at fremont's. bayh it thank you up for this --
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i thank you for this honor. you are all invited to come visit and follow our>> of all ol principals, he worked closely with the non-charter schools and one of the principles that is a good example of charter schools being a catalyst for improvements in the whole public school system, thank you to peter thorpe for his work in the san francisco unified school district as well. supervisor campos: i just want to echo those comments. i had the pleasure of working with peter when i was at the
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school district and i do think it is commendable what he has done. you are not going to find some more committed to public education and helping young people. so thank you, peter. president chiu: it is my honor to make the next commendation. for those of you who did not know, lending the park is currently the longest running lindy hop dance event in the san francisco area. it offers free swing dancing in golden gate park since august of 1996 with free lessons to the public for the past several years. it is an event run by volunteers who volunteer their dj and dance instruction skills. lindy in the park has provided an extremely inclusive community events, welcoming hundreds of dancers and non-dancers likens
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brandy -- spreading the joy of dance to thousands people. this is why i wanted to invite the founder to accept a commendation from the board of supervisors that, among other things, helps to proclaim sunday, august 14th as the 15th year anniversary to be windy in the park today for the city and county of san francisco. congratulations. [applause] would you like to say anything? >> thank you for this honor. we are so privileged to be able to put on a windy in the park every sunday, year-round. you are all welcome to come. we have free swing dance lessons at noon and we get about 150 people every week. it is a very inclusive place, welcoming to all. we have people from all walks of life joining us and it is a whole lot of fun. we hope to be here for many,
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many more years and thank you for this honor and thank you for your support. [applause] [applause] president chiu: our last commendation will be provided by supervisor carmen chu. supervisor chu: if you could come up and stand here behind greg, that would be great. today, i would like to ask you
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all to join me in paying tribute to a man who has devoted the last 10 years of his life managing the largest general fund apartment in this city. greg joined the department of public health as a chief financial officer for the department community health network in june, 2001. by the next year, he was already serving as the chief wenzel officer for the entire department of public health. this task is not an easy one. every single person on the budget committee and every single budget chair has always gotten to know greg very well, especially in the month of june. while it has been said that one dog year is equal to seven human years, it could be said that once cfo year at the department of public health is equal to at least 10 human years. thank you to devoting at least the last 100 years to overseeing the san francisco department of public health budget. his last day will be this coming friday. yesterday, great received a commendation from the civil
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service commission, the mayor's office, and was serenaded by his staff with choruses of "taking care of business." i would like to thank you on behalf of the san francisco board of supervisors and hope you will hear all more choruses of "taking the easy." thank you very much. [applause]
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>> thank you very much. i find it an emotional thing to be leaving this city. unsurprisingly a emotional about it. it has been an honor and privilege to represent a health department for these last 10 years. i need to thank all of you for the support i received from all of you in my time here and your predecessors, i have learned so much from you and from past supervisors and all of the people i have worked with at the board. i value my relationship with harvey rose and his staff, the comptroller's office, just so many people, more people than i could begin to thank. i have had this incredible opportunity to work in a department with people who are completely committed to the mission of the health department and service to the people we
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care for and it is an honor to have contributed to that in any way i can and i'm leaving here with so many friends and relationships and i'm hopeful that i can find ways to contribute in the future and continue to be involved in some way if that opportunity should come. just so i don't have to say goodbye because it is too hard. thank you very much for this honor. i am almost speechless. not quite. [applause]
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[applause] president chiu: congratulations and thank you, greg. with that, why don't we go back to item number 34 related to the 3:00 committee as a whole? >> we have met with the individuals outside and reached an agreement with all four. all four will be removed and we will meet with them back at the department and we will be working with the owners to resolve these issues. all four of the properties as follows -- [, -- [reading follows -- [, -- [reading addresses]